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Premium Lens Implants

How do multifocal IOL’s work?

Our eyes adjust to continuously focus on objects up close, far away, and everywhere in between. The ability for our eyes to change focus from far away to up close is called accommodation. As we age our accommodation ability decreases, and we become more dependent on bifocals or reading glasses. Premium lens implants are designed to provide quality vision at a range of distances by combining the strengths of different technologies.

Today you have the option of the multifocal lens, which can improve vision in a full range of distances.  The multifocal lens is a breakthrough lens for catataract surgery that allows patients to see from near to far, to everywhere in-between.

Such improved eyesight immediately multiplies the possibilities in your life.  Passengers can become drivers again.  Golfers can keep their eye on the ball and enjoy the surrounding scenery. Family celebrations, reading special birthday cards, looking at the sunset, seeing everyone's happy faces – none of it will be missed.

restorThe ReSTOR lens is an artificial lens implant designed to replace the natural lens of the eye that is removed during cataract surgery. The ReSTOR lens is made of a flexible material that allows the lens to focus light on the retina providing patients with clear vision at near, far, and intermediate distances. ReSTOR can improve the quality of vision by providing patients with clear images at all distances, and by increasing the quantity of vision by allowing you to see at all distances.

ReSTOR is a premium lens implant that will help treat patients suffering from presbyopia and from cataracts. A candidate for ReSTOR lenses is someone who is seeking improved vision at all distances, and wants to reduce or possibly eliminate their dependence on glasses after cataract surgery.

Treat cataracts and astigmatism with one procedure.

The AcrySof toric lens is changing the way people see cataract surgery and life. It provides clear distance vision for patients with astigmatism, usually without the need for glasses. Simply put, in most cases the toric lens lets you leave your glasses and contacts behind and recapture quality distance vision in one step.

Typicaly, patients who undergo cataract surgery receiv a monofocal IOL that doesn't correct other vision problems such as astigmatism.  If you have astigmatism, you may still expeience blurred and distroted vision because a monofocal IOL cannot correct pre-exising astigmatism.  High quality vision is not regained unless the astigmatism is also corrected.

Cataract patients have a choice of treatments, including the toric intraocular lens (IOL) that treats pre-existing astigmatism at the same time that it corrects cataracts.

If you are a cataract patient previously diagnosed with astigmatism, the toric IOL lens implant may be an option for you! Please contact The Cataract Surgery Center of Milford to discuss your candidacy.

If you are interested in learning more about the IOL lens implant options available at Goodman Eye Medical and Surgical Center, please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your vision needs!

The Cataract Surgery Center of Milford is committed to the best visual outcomes for each of our cataract surgery patients. Whenever the lens of the eye is removed in the course of the cataract operation, it is equally important that the proper intraocular lens implant (IOL) is placed to restore the person's vision. Simply removing the cloudy cataract lens and not replacing it with a modern and missing clear IOL will not result in useful vision.

As with so many issues in modern medicine there is no simple answer or "one size fits all" when it comes to eye surgery. One type of implant that may be the best for a certain patient's needs may be totally inappropriate for another patient's condition.

Financing is provided with approved credit by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank .

Trust The Cataract Surgery Center of Milford to review with you on an individual basis pre-operatively our best professional recommendations for your particular situation and needs.

"Dear Dr. Goodman and Staff,
Just wanted to Thank You for a great job done by a great doctor and his professional staff.  Before going to Dr. Goodman's office I had 20/50 vision with eye glasses on both eyes, the Dr. and his excellent staff prepared and set me up for two cataract surgeries in one week as I needed to pass my DOT eye test  in order to return to work as a truck driver.  I did not think it possible but the good Dr. and expert staff did their first surgery the following Monday and all went very well followed by eye exam Tuesday all was good.  On Thursday the second eye surgery was done and the exam was done on Friday and all was well.  That same Friday after Dr. Goodman checked my eyes all was well, I went to the DOT and passed my eye exam and returned back to work the following Monday.  Dr. Goodman and staff made this all possible with humor and excellent service I have not seen before.  Thank you all for your excellence and commitment to helping us people with bad eye sight regain our vision.  I no longer use eye glasses and see better than when I was twelve years old.  Thanks Doctor and Staff, wish you all well.       Tony


"It's been about 10 weeks since my eye surgery and I don't need to use glasses.  I literally get out of bed and have good vision.  Thank you very much for this!"


 "Dear Dr. Goodman....                       

Compliments are in order for you and your entire staff regarding my experience with two cataract procedures.  From start to finish, each step along the way was explained fully and dealt with in a highly professional manner.  The results that I have experienced are well beyond my expectations and I have become a walking, talking advertisement for your practice!"

Many Thanks,                                                 

Thomas M.



 "Dr. Goodman and his entire staff are flat out awesome!  The facility is cutting edge and his passion for excellence is unsurpassed.  You won't find a better (quality) eye care experience, period."

Rick C.


"To Dr. Goodman and Staff,

I am very happy with my "Goodman" eyes!  I want to thank you again for giving me such a positive experience!  Everyone treated me like I was important to them.  You made me almost forget my other bad times.  I have told everyone about you and your "eye spa" and always get positive feedback about you.  I still laugh at the pictures and love your sense of humor.  My plants are thriving well also.  Thank you again!

P.S. We loved the "dining area" with coffee and excellent pastries!"



 "You (Dr. Goodman), have achieved excellence in healing and treating your patients with compassion and humor."



"Wonderful staff! Dr. Goodman, thank you for my "new eyes"!!"  Everyone was friendly, courteous, and professional! Thank you!"





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