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From the Estate of the late Mr. Sydney Smith, dated December 13, 2004

" Dear Mr. Saba:
It is with great pride and pleasure that I am writing to advise you that my late father, Sydney Smith, has provided for a charitable bequest to Mlford-Whitinsville Regional Hospital.

My father appreciated the services provided by Dr. Goodman and I believe that he would have liked a portion of the money used to purchase new equipment in the Department of Ophthalmology." 

From American Airlines, dated February 5, 2004

"Dear Dr. Goodman:

Please accept our company's formal "Thank You" for the assistance you provided on January 15 aboard flight 247 which operated from Los Angeles to Kona, Hawaii.  We are grateful that you were on board and freely offered your medical expertise when it was needed most.  Without a doubt you helped improve a difficult situation.

Dr. Goodman, we wanted you to know how much your efforts were appreciated ~ it will be our privilege to welcome you aboard!"
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