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Ptosis & Blepharoplasty

"I cannot say enough about the outstanding service provided by Dr. Goodman and his staff.

For many years, I suffered the problem of Ptosis (eyelid drooping) and never thought anything could be done to improve my situation. Clearly, my vision suffered and Dr. Goodman provided me with the information, including insurance and the Blephoraplasty has helped my vision tremendously.

I highly recommend Dr. Goodman for any eye care needs. He is SUPERB."

Linda Roberts


"I am so pleased with the outcome of my eyelid surgery!  As a result of positive recommendations from friends and neighbors, I confidently chose to have my Blepharoplasty surgery performed at the Goodman Eye Surgical Center.  I was personally aware of Dr. Goodman's caring and competent reputation since he has been my family's ophthalmologist for years. 

The Surgical Center was such a convenient, impressive facility and the medical staff was so attentive and comforting that any anxiety I had was quickly defused.  The hot cider and snack offered after surgery just demonstrates their attention to patient comfort. 

After my eyelid surgery, I no longer worry when driving that my peripheral vision will be compromised by my drooping eyelids and contribute to a car accident.  I don't appear to be half asleep anymore and an added bonus is that I can actually use eye make-up again!   The Goodman Eye Medical and Surgical Center is an outstanding facility and I highly recommend Dr. Goodman for Blepharoplasty surgery as well as routine eye care."

Barbara Dorenzo


"All of my life, I've suffered from congenitial ptosis (drooping eyelid).  I never really thought that I could get it fixed because from what I read online, many insurance companies don't cover the surgery as they consider it a cosmetic in most cases.  However, after talking to Dr. Goodman and his staff, I learned that I was a good candidate for the surgery, I was treated like absolute gold.  I can see much better now and feel so much more confident.  If you need any type of eye care, I highly recommend Dr. Goodman.  He's the man!"

Natalie Bazinet

What is Ptosis?

Ptosis is commonly referred to as drooping eyelids and is characterized by drooping or sagging of the upper eyelid or lids. Both appearance and vision can be affected. As ptosis progresses, it can affect vision by sagging to the extent it interferes with the eye’s line of sight, thus blocking the ability of an otherwise normal eye from functioning.

Causes of ptosis can include:

* Age related deterioration of the eyelid muscles

* Trauma to the eyelids

* Underlying disease such as diabetes

* Can occur from birth as a congenital condition

Ptosis does not prefer one gender over the other. Both men and women can suffer from its effects and can benefit from surgical repair of the eyelids

Ptosis Goodman Eye Center

Surgical correction of ptosis

When the drooping of one or both upper eyelids progresses to a degree that it interferes with the patients vision, safety or comfort, ptosis surgery is indicated. The doctors at our center have performed hundreds of ptosis surgeries. We have the expertise, staffing and anesthetic services to ensure a very safe and successful surgical experience. 


Blepharoplasty is another surgical procedure commonly performed by us. Blepharoplasty is an operation designed to remove excessive and redundant upper eyelid skin, soft tissue and fat prolapse.  This condition medically is referred to as dermatochasis.

Oftentimes, but not always, ptosis and dermatochasis occur in the same patient. We then simply operate on both during the same surgical admission.

Blephoraplasty Surgery and Correction of Ptosis

As is always the case, our doctors will carefully review with you the nature of these procedures and will be happy to address all of your questions pre-operatively.??Patients often ask, " will this be covered by my insurance?"??In general, the answer is almost always yes. Our administrative staff will clearly determine pre-operatively whether or not your particular insurance plan will cover your blepharoplasty or ptosis procedure.

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