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Cataract FAQ

Q.  What is cataract?

A.  A cataract is the normal clouding of the eye's natural lens. Typically cataracts develop as we age. Diabetes, steroids (cortisone) use, smoking and a host of systemic diseases may produce a cataract at a young age. Sometimes cataracts develop in younger patients for no obvious reason.

Q.  Does my cataract have to be "ripe"?

A.  No. Each person's visual needs are different. As such, the decision to operate on a cataract should be made in an individual manner.

Q.  What if my doctor tells me I have to have a cataract operation right away?

A.  Get a second opinion.

As noted above, almost always there is no medical emergency requiring rushing into a cataract operation.
Dr. Goodman will always wait until the patient is ready for surgery.

Q.  Aren't all eye doctors equally good cataract surgeons?

A.  No. Cataract surgery is very delicate and specialized.

Ask your doctor:

  • Do you specialize in cataract surgery? 

  • How many cataract surgeries have you done?
  • Are you board certified in ophthalmology?

These are just a few basic questions. 

For Dr. Goodman, the answers are:

  • Yes

  • 12,000

  • Yes

Q.  How do I know if my surgeon is Board-Certified?

  Ask him or her. Also check the link above.


Q.  What are the advantages of the cataract surgery in the ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) as compared to the hospital?

  ASC's specialize in cataract surgery.
There is less chance of a nosocomial (hospital-acquired) post-operative infection
. The nurses, technicians and anesthetist are specialized in cataract surgery. 
The surgical expenses and fees are less in the ASC.
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