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Dry Eye

Dry eyes and associated symptoms

Dry eyes and associated symptoms are among the most common conditions we treat. A dry eye may produce nothing more than an occasional bit of redness or irritation and be self-limited and require little or only short term treatment. More symptomatic and more serious dry eye symptoms can cause near-constant or constant pain, ocular discharge and light sensitivity. Although we don't always know why some patients acquire symptomatic dry eye and others don't, we do know that certain factors can and often do cause troubling dry eyes. A partial list includes: generalized aging; post menopausal females; underlying arthritis and similar rheumalogic diseases; concomicant ocular surface disease; and prior eye surgery. 
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Dry eyes and associated symptoms

Treatment options for dry eye are nearly as varied as are the numerous causes of the condition itself each of the following may be indicated in the treatment of symptomatic dry eye. However, as we've discussed throughout this website there is never, and should never be, a "one size fits all" or "cookie cutter" approach to the diagnosis and treatment of this troubling group of symptoms. We offer the following management options depending on the patients finding and needs.

  • Artificial tear drops, preserved and unpreserved

  • Artificial tears ointments

  • Eyelid margin lid scan therapies
  • Eye drops and ointments

  • Oral antibiotics

  • Topical antibiotic eye drops

  • Topical and oral cortisone preparations
  • Laser, surgical and electrical diathermy of eyelid and eyelash abnormalities
  • Diagnosis and management of associated underlying systemic and corneal pathology 

  • Lacramal "tear duct" plugs

There is nothing "cut and dry" about dry eye. Your eyes deserve the best.



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