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The Cataract Surgery Center of Milford

Surgery Center

Welcome to a very special part of this website, and in fact, a very special part of our practice. The Cataract Surgery Center of Milford was founded by Dr. Goodman in 2009. He and the entire staff are so very proud of this "crowning jewel" of eyecare in Milford. No amount of effort, planning and financial input was spared to provide surgical services second to none--anywhere!

From your pre-operative appointment to your arrival on surgery day, we  provide 'concierge' one-on-one assistance to you and your loved ones.'

Once admitted, you will deal only with specialists in eye surgery. Yes, even our clerical staff has specific training in the care of our surgery patients. If that is true for the clerical staff (and it is!) you can only imagine how you will be treated by the nursing, anesthetist, and medical personnel.

We strive to make your experience as minimally stressful and upsetting as possible.

Gone are the days of long in-hospital admissions.Hospitals are great when you are sick, but, eye surgery patients are generally quite healthy. Elective eye surgery in a hospital is still risky -- infections are oh so common.

Also, the medical and nursing personnel in a hospital must care for very sick patients while eye surgery patients can be pushed to the back of the line.

Hospital surgical equipment and supplies are purchased by committees. At The Cataract Surgery Center of Milford, we have no such constraints. So you get the very best state-of-the-art equipment and the best staffing for your precious eye surgery.



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Despite our name, we also specialize in many other ophthalmic surgical procedures at The Cataract Surgery Center of Milford.


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