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About Cataract Surgery

"Glen Goodman has been my eye doctor for more than 20 years. Whenever I have the opportunity, I tell my friends he is one of the most thorough and compassionate doctors I have ever encountered. He doesn’t rush my appointment, takes the time to explain things to me and always makes a point to listen to everything I say.

I also knew Glen long before he became a doctor. In high school he was a fine athlete and a gifted scholar, but what I remember most is that he was a nice kid who wanted to do some good in the world when he grew up. I believe he surpassed his goal ten times over."

Mr. Jack Dwyer, Mendon
Dr. Goodman's former high school tennis coach

 "On behalf of my mother, my family and I, thank you for restoring mom's vision and doing it with such professionalism and grace.  Partnering with exceptionally skilled, understanding, caring, and accommodating healthcare professionals on behalf of my mother, who has memory loss, can be challenging.  When mom's PCP suggested she see a specialist regarding her cataracts I wondered if I would be able to find anyone I felt confident could care for her properly.

The moment we walked into your beautiful surgical center for our initial consultation all my doubts faded away.  From start to finish, our overall experience with you and your wonderful staff was exceptional.  Attention was paid to every little detail.  You addressed all our questions and concerns before, during and after both surgeries.  You and your staff helped me coordinate all phases of mom's care with her PCP, her health insurance, her assisted living facility, and her pharmacy.  We never once felt rushed or had to wait.  We were always treated with dignity and respect. 

Mom is now able to participate in many of the activities she had been unable to do prior to her surgery and her quality of life is vastly improved.  My family and I are so grateful to you, Dr. Goodman, and your fabulous staff for restoring my mother's vision to almost perfect."

Michelle Roy and family on behalf of              Elaine Picard

Surgical Treatment of Cataracts

So, you've been diagnosed with cataracts. You only have cataract surgery once. You get to choose your surgeon and when and where your procedure will be performed. Now you need a procedure to replace the clouded lens of your eye with a synthetic one. This may seem daunting, but in addition to being extremely safe, cataract surgery offers you a lot of choices that can have a positive impact on your vision and quality of life.

The good news is that you've developed cataracts at a time when IOL (intraocular lens) technology is more advanced than ever. Traditionally, the replacement lens used for cataract surgery was a monofocal IOL. This type of lens restores good functional distance vision, but people with monofocal lenses still need to continue wearing reading glasses after surgery. When your sight is compromised, your life is compromised.

Cataract surgery involves removing the lens through a small incision under mild local and IV anesthesia.  A new lens is then placed into the eye to replace the clouded cataract lens.  Surgery typically lasts 30 minutes or less and patients are discharged home within an hour of their procedure.

Gone are the days of "coke-bottle" cataract glasses, several day hospital stays, and multiple stitches.

Cataract Surgery Center of Milford is the place to go for "concierge" cataract surgery. Your eyes and vision deserve the "best of the best" - that is what we offer. 

Like any surgery, there are risks which should be discussed with your surgeon before opting to have cataract surgery. Complications are rare, but can include an increase in intraocular pressure, worsening of an infection, retinal detachment and many others.


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